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200 A.D.  Beginnings of early Christianity in Europe

A.D. 200s  Beginnings of barbarian invasions in the West Roman Empire
















410 A.D.  Rome Sacked



450 A.D.  Angles, Jutes, and Saxons begin to settle in Britain



476 A.D.  Emperor of Rome Deposed -- End of the Roman Empire

486 A.D.  Clovis, a king of Franks, defeats roman governor of Gaul (now France)

507 A.D.  Visigoths of France defeated by Franks







597 A.D.  Saint Augustine of Canterbury brings Christianity to the people of Southern Britain













751 A.D.  Pepin the Short becomes King of the Franks and founds the Carolingian Empire.


768 A.D.  Charlemagne becomes ruler of the Carolingian Empire -- Much of Western Europe is conquered and united under Charlemagne.


814 A.D.  Charlemagne Dies -- Decline and division of Carolingian Empire under Charlemagne's grandsons.







A.D. 900s  Decline of Dark Ages





962 A.D.  Otto I crowned emperor of Germany (later to become The Holy Roman Empire)





1024  Rise of Salian dynasty in Germany


1066  Norman Forces conquer England after winning the Battle of Hastings.


1071  William the Conqueror declares himself lord of Wales




1025 End of Salian dynasty



1154  Stephen, Norman ruler of England dies.  Henry II of the Plantagenet Family rules.




1215  English barons force King John to sign the Magna Carta








1314  Scotland defeats England in the battle of Bannockburn

1320  Scotland declares independence from England

1327  Edward III becomes King of England

1337  Beginning of the Hundred Years' War between England and France




1377-1399  Richard II's reign as King of England

1399-1413  Henry IV's reign as King of England

1413-1422  Henry V's reign as king of England

1422  Henry VI becomes King of England


1453  End of the Hundred Years' War -- England loses to France

1455  The Wars of the Roses (for the throne of England) begin between the Henry VI of the House of Lancaster and nobles of the House of York



1517  The Protestant Reformation begins in Germany